Everything happens for a reason

I know that now.  Alhamdulillah. I do not know how to say it in words but I know it now.

It's been a long time. A really long time and so much has happened and I am back here, back to where it was safe 8 years ago. Where it felt safe and blogging kind of saved my life at the time.

I am blessed with so many things I still have in my life. If I knew what I know now, I may have been able to deal with certain things better, but I understand why it had to be how it was.

How I've learned. The pain and anguish of going through a divorce, of looking at your children's eyes and praying I will know what to tell them one day when the question finally comes.

It was hell and back. But it was meant to happen I guess. And I'm still breathing. And that counts. It means that it's okay to hurt and forgive and move on. It is possible, I'm proof of that alhamdulillah.

To you,

Thank you for everything
For the good and the bad
and the life we shared together
I forgive you
And I hope you will forgive me too

Be happy, please
Do what your heart pleases
One day, you will understand
One day, this will be a memory worth having

To you,

Halalkan makan dan minum
This is where we end and we begin
InsyaAllah all will be well
I trust in Him



MH370: The Missing One

March 8. The day that will forever be etched in the history of the world. The day 239 passengers and cabin crew went missing on board MH370 Malaysia Airlines aircraft.

For reference purposes: 

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was a scheduled international passenger flight that disappeared on 8 March 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport. The aircraft operating the service, a Boeing 777-200ER, last made contact with air traffic control less than an hour after take-off. The aircraft was operated by Malaysia Airlines and was carrying 12 crew members and 227 passengers from 15 nations and regions. The majority of passengers on board were Chinese. Source: Wikipedia

Where was I? I had just came back from a long-due trip to Bali, Indonesia. It didn't sit well with me to be on leave when the rest of the world was recalled and working so I volunteered to work beginning Sunday and to date, the plane is still nowhere to be found.

It is now 13 days into the search. I can't even begin to imagine what the families and relatives of the passengers and crew are going through. Having lost someone 8 years ago, one thing I can tell you, the uncertainty alone can kill you. It can drain you mind, sap your energy and drain every ounce of your very being.

From a journalist's point of view, this would be a time you would not want to miss for the world. To be in the midst of news coverage that will one day be part of history. It is mixed feeling to be in news when the news could be a sad one. 

Latest update: 2pm March 20, 2014.

CANBERRA: The largest object sighted in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is 24 metres (79 feet), with a second, smaller object also spotted, Australian authorities said Thursday.

“The objects are relatively indistinct. The indication to me is of objects  that are of a reasonable size and probably awash with water and bobbing up and  down over the surface,” said Australian Maritime Safety Authority official John  Young.
“The largest ... was assessed as being 24 metres. There is another one that  is smaller than that.”--AFP

Let us pray for their safety. Amin...


It's not about the money

Have you ever seen a family so rich yet they looked so forlorn even with families surrounding them?

I have learnt something at this 'tender' age of mine, and that is money cannot buy everything. It could buy SOME things but the best things are always FREE.

Why, you ask?

Think about it. Does a smile cost you? Your mother's unending love for you, does it cost you anything?
Your health, time, love, family. All these can't be bought, not
even a million ringgit can.

I have always thought that so many things matter over money. You need it, but it shouldn't define you. It shouldn't change you. Because it is not yours to begin with. It belongs to Allah.

I do not claim to be a pious servant, but that much I would like to believe in myself. It breaks my heart to see money changing people. The smiles that paint their faces which will only last for so long.

I am without a doubt a person full of flaws. But I do hope, Allah gives me the strength to remain who I am, because the rezeki that comes from Him is His, not mine.



The 'L' word

Leisure. Sounds fantastic, right? Think again.

I never thought I would say this, but God help me, if I get anymore 'leisured' than this, I would be bed-ridden.

My last day in NST falls on the August 11th. Still serving my leave currently and going out of my mind at the same time. Who would have thought I would feel like this. I guess I was so used to the fast-paced work environment that I have come to NEED it.

Twisted. Yes. I know. What else is new? :-)

On the upside, I get to tend to my kids more without being in a rush like I usually do. No panting, guys, lo and behold. It was lovely, getting to talk to them and taking the time to smile and listen to their chatter about how someone hit someone at school and Hazel walking down the stairs at school holding hands with a boy named Ryan. Wait, what??

Yeah, imagine what my face looked like when Asyraaf told me this. What is it they do at this school u ask? Damn I'm surely gonna find out...Lol...

Anyway, I am due for registration in UiTM on Aug 24th, right after Raya period. Which reminds me, books, bag, assignments, lectures, exams. Urgh... why did I sign up for this again??

On a more serious note, I have always been the kind of person that needs education as a stimulant to my pea-sized brain else I will rust. Yes, literally.

I'm glad I get to study at a 'tender' age of 34 and I hope to swing it this time. Pray for me Argentina...:-P

Gotta go peeps, see you around...In the meantime, Selamat Hari Raya and forgive me for my wrongdoings, in the blessed month of holy Ramadan. Life is short... Enjoy it while you can... :-)


The time has finally come...

They say life changes. When that happens, you cringe at the uncertainty. But it is true, everything happens for a reason.
At the end of the last mile, I am swept with a bittersweet feeling. The uncertainties came gushing in. It is without a doubt that I have fallen in love with my job.
I was always the girl who fell back behind the limelight. Coz I wanted to do my job, and I didn't want to be praised for things that I don't deserve.
But yes, being forced to be in an unfamiliar territory made me learn many things. Many things that I didn't know I had the ability to learn and be familiar with.
What did I learn? Let's see...

  • I learnt to swear without cringing
  • To go the extra mile
  • To live and let live
  • To write...:-)
  • To be reprimanded and take it all in a day's job
  • To multitask a multitasked job
  • To smile and forge ahead no matter shitty the day is
  • To take pride in what's mine
I never thought this day would come but it is finally here. Honestly it is not easy to be comfortable in a workplace so much that you will come to miss it so much even before you leave.

But I guess these are uncertainties that I have come to embrace. Sacrifices have to be made... But I am starting to miss NST already... Damn... Oops..:-p


A taste of the journo world

Recalling how I first step foot in NST office for the interview, I was awed. No, I wasn't young, I joined at the age of 29 after working as a lecturer for a few years. I loved teaching, but the passion to teach was fast degenerating. And I knew why. 

I wasn't teaching the subject I loved most. I loved writing. I loved reading, and I loved the English language since I was a child. Quoting my father, he used to say:

"English is the most beautiful language in the world. U can say anything you want in a thousand ways."

And so I took the leap. I changed professions. It was a big scary office then. I knew nuts about the news. Never even read much news then. But I learnt. Placed in the online desk, it came easy, at least the tech part, that is.

And I fell in love with it. The exhilaration of getting the news first. Of anticipating for news even when the whole world was not even aware of it. And I persevered. I learnt the ropes, and the nature of news.

After almost 5 years, I had the misfortune of meeting a politically motivated person, who, to my disadvantage, had connections and network to get me removed from my post. 

I wasn't impressed, definitely. But there's plenty more where it came from, at least if you rely on your own capabilities and not the people you know, that is. I was annoyed with how I was 'transferred' but oh well, life has to go on. 

Anyway, and then I started my duties in my new department. I was then transferred to the newsdesk, the heart of the paper. And of course, usually where the yelling is usually done.

It was hard. Getting information, understanding it, and writing it. Learning everything on-the-job wasn't exactly easy on the nerves as well. But I tried. I'm still trying but the darndest thing happened, I began to like it. 

Oh man... 

They say if you love journalism, you are actually already screwed. Inside. But I had plans still, plans that I have been putting on hold for a long time.

Dream to realise my father's wishes to get a PhD. So I tendered my resignation, and I am happy I am wise enough to know what's best for me. Anyway, in view of the family constraints, I guess it is really for the best.

Some asked me why I tendered when I am already at a comfortable salary. I guess money is not everything. And trust me it's not easy especially when I have to watch my spending after this... lol...

So I'm making another leap. God willing it will be one step higher... 


How time flies...

I often wonder, how long will it take me to realize that every minute is precious? I haven't blogged for a very long time, partly because other priorities have surfaced and let's face it, when you barely have the energy to keep your eyes open, the last thing that comes to mind is to blog :-P

Asyraaf is now 5 years old and Hazel is going to be 3 this coming April. How time flies. The last time I checked, they were both just babies. Yeah, I know, it sounds cliche but hey, gimme a break, that's what moms always say, so I'm going to follow suit, what the heck... :-D

Asyraaf is now in kindergarten, Hazel is yet to go to one, since she has a different disposition altogether than Asyraaf and I'm afraid the ants will bite her at school. Haha... She's what my father usually calls her " The delicate lady'... You'll understand when you meet her...:-)

Both are alive, healthy and well and I'm thankful to Allah for that, Alhamdulillah. I try to make them happy whenever I can between the juggling of my work and manning the family since hubby is no longer around. Breaks my heart sometimes to hear them ask "Where ayah? Work lagi ke?" since it's a very loonggg work time, 2-3 months at times. We try to make  it a point to visit once every month if we can. So far I'm coping, and so are they. Initially it was tough, but we get by. I'm lucky since my parents and Munir's are always around to help out if I need help. 

I'm always out of energy *duuhh... from everything that goes on around me, and it does not help when you have to answer " Ibu, where is God staying, is it behind the clouds?" when I'm trying to drive and finding my way around KL  (you know how bad I am with maps and directions) :-D

But I am so so thankful I have them. Such pretty, innocent faces that can drive you nuts and melt your heart all at the same time...Oh well,  I hope they stay this adorable forever and I stay the same age forever. Hah... dream on...lol...

Ano ang bago?

Finally we decided to get a helper. The decision did not come easy though. It came after many sleepless nights and thinking. But we were left with no choice since Mr Hubby was despatched to Bintulu, Sarawak to work. 

Working frantically at that time to get a maid due to the limited time frame, I finally found one. Of course, I considered maids from Indonesia, Cambodia and Philippines. I grimaced at the thought of hiring Indonesian maids, since there are too many cases heard of, most of which were not good ones. 

So I settled between Cambodian and Philippines maids. After thorough searching and asking around, Cambodian maids are quite hard to train, due to the language barrier; they cannot speak Bahasa AND English. Therefore, it would be cruel to the kids too since they are my primary concern for taking a maid in the first place.

Philippines maids are expensive... no doubt. But since it is for the well-being of my kids and my peace of mind too, upon discussion with hubby, we decided to go through with hiring a Filipino maid. The search took quite some time since I wanted to be almost absolutely sure, she will be able to handle my kids well,  have the dedication to work and honest, of course. 

So biodata after biodata were exchanged between me and the agency, until I found one that caught my attention and were worth considering. She had the right qualification, she was married with two kids which I thought at that time was crucial for her to understand how having kids is like, and she had  the earnesty in her words in the biodata. Of course, if the biodata was a fake,  I would have been duped.

So I interviewed her via phone to confirm the good perception I had of her from the biodata and confirmed her employment with me, made the necessary arrangements and then the wait, of course. Her training and her preparations to come here took 3 months.

She came 1 week shy of 3 months. Picked her up from the agency, had a long talk of what I expected of her and what she can expect from me as the employer. And the journey began...

I took a week's leave since I was very nervous leaving my kids to a total stranger that could not speak  a word of Malay and my kids were not that fluent in English too. At first it was like watching a duck and 2 hens speak... :-D A lot of frustrated wailing and yelling especially by my eldest when his requests were not understood but I was there to help out with the translation and the maid tried her best to learn Malay. She even borrowed my English -Malay dictionary to learn how to speak Malay. And the kids learn the basic words of english to tell her what they want.

Work-wise, I could not ask for a better maid. She did not need coaching, just a little bit of direction on where to get what and the dos and don'ts with my kids. My kids adapted to her, and vice versa. And life went on as usual, with me sighing in relief whenever I needed to work on off days and public holidays coz it used to cost a bomb to send my kids to nurseries when I was working on public holidays.

Good thing about having a Filipino maid is that my kids are starting to learn English words since they are forced to... :-) I hope good things do come our way, I try to treat my maid well and she does the same thing for us as a family and I have learnt to give a little to get a little, to which she is very grateful for.

So now, my kids call me 'maam' since my maid call me that... Oh well, they will soon understand that I'm not their 'maam' but their MOM... :-)

Property prices on the rise

I know many will sigh just looking at the entry title... Well, it's not surprising too. We made the decision to purchase our property a while back in 2009 and boy we were glad we made it. I think we were among the last to get a house with the reasonable space and price.

For the same price, many can only dream to get a much smaller house and at a location one would never think of buying because it is too far out and can be quite a distance from work location and general amenities.  The only people who are smiling at such high buoyancy in the property market are the speculators and previous home owners who bought their house at a much cheaper price.

I call it cruelty. For a couple who has just started their family with the average income of RM2000-3000 a month is just plain cruel. Not to mention the other expenses that can crop up at any time that needs attention. Yes, government tries by doing their part and introducing housing schemes for the lower income households. But the problem persists, prices of houses continue to soar. And we are not exactly running out of land, compared to other smaller countries ie Singapore.

Property prices should be controlled, and the same goes to car prices. In the end, consumers end up paying more for the same value of assets (or in this case, liabilities) that lasts longer, like 9 years of hire purchase tenure and 40 years of housing loans. If you don't die first, of course.

It is like telling the younger generation it is alright to borrow more and have mountains of debts before they even reach 30! Somebody, somewhere on the face of the earth should be doing something, don't you think? Food for thought, night everyone...:-)


Ipad 2 Madness

It's madness, this iPad 2 phenomenon. I don't know how Apple did it, but it worked.

For iPads, many of us have been queuing up forever and coming out of the store with a triumphant smiles plastered on our faces. How many devices can do that to us, let alone to the majority of us?

I was lucky this time around I went into the game prepared due to the endless wait. Otherwise I would have been in the queue too since any more waiting would have cost me my life ...Lol...

After managing to secure a booking with EpiCentre in IOI Mall, Puchong. I bided my time... After finishing work on the day of launch, I headed straight for IOI. When the sales guy opened up the box for me to put on the screen protector, the feeling was undescribable. My wait was well worth it.

I got for myself a 16GB Wifi 3G unit in black. For me, that's good enough I guess. At least that's what I think NOW...hehehe... When it comes to gadgets, I'm never too sure with myself...:-D From the reading I have done, Malaysia is one of the cheapest country where you can get an iPad 2. So worked out well for us who have been waiting for so long huh?

Anyway, so far, the iPad 2 has proven to be a good investment for me. Love the feel, the power to be connected at all times, the ability to be organized and do some work even when I needed to. Games are not for me though. Have never played any, not even on my iPhone or any other phones. So life is good for now.

Am a proud owner of an iPad 2, with frequent trips to Machines and epiCentre in between for accessories. It'll die down at some point...this madness but till then... :-)))

Apple iPad 2 Official Spec and Features:

* 33% thinner and 15% lighter than original iPad
* Dual Core A5 Processor
* iOS 4.3
* 9.7 inch display (not retina display but same as original iPad)
* Front and rear facing cameras
* Rear facing camera with 720p HD video recording capability
* FaceTime and PhotoBooth
* 10 hours of battery life

Happy Mother's Day

Free Facebook Orkut and My Space Mothers Day Graphics Glitters

8th of May comes again. A day celebrated for all mothers for the sacrifices and hardships that comes with the territory of being a mum.

Being a mum made me understand that all is not a bed of roses. Children don't come with manuals because every one of them is different. The process of getting to know their uniqueness is called parenting. It made me understand that learning does not come from us only, we as parents also learn from our kids. The refusal to learn from our kids will only result in frictions, which, if not dealt with correctly, may result in a lifelong of frictions and may even cost us their love...

Understand, and accept them for who they are and you may get all the love in the world that can last you a lifetime all the way to your grandkids. I'm no expert, but I do know how precious love is. One day, you'd like to know in your heart that you have no regrets in bringing up your kids.

Happy Mother's Day all... :-)


The last time I checked...

For young mothers like me, one of the hardest things I  ever had to do was leave my kids when I'm away on assignments or sent to cover elections in other states. So far I've only been to Kelantan, Melaka and Sarawak. And already, it's taking its toll on me.

Ironically, I do understand how working mums have to make sacrifices and learn how to balance family life and work. And yet, I hesitate... Sometimes I wonder, is it really worth the money I bring home for the time of my kids' lives which I will never, ever get to experience again? How much money is equivalent to it, really...?

One of my worst fears is one day to turn around and see that I have missed them, missed most of their growing up lives, and what I see are just adult faces looking at me and calling me Ibu. How would that feel I wonder?

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do. But I'm really wondering how to truly balance between family and work. So that I get to perform at work and yet raise a happy and loving family. What if there is no way such thing?
Ooh the challenges of parenting. It was so much easier when I was growing up. We were fed, clothed, sent and picked up from school. She would always be there for anything. I always took that for granted. In fact, when I first got married I didn't want to work because I wanted to be like my mother, nevermind the degree and masters degree that I had then. For me, it was family first. But then tragedy struck and I had nothing to hold on to. I didn't have a job, I didn't know the first thing about paying bills and ...living a life. I had no life so to speak...

So I became a superwoman. I did everything, learned everything. Now that I'm there where I want to be. I'm wondering, what if... One day... this is all there is? How would I react when my heart asks myself when did my children grow up. Because the last time I checked, they were just babies....


Mr Compass & I

How is it that somebody can be lost so many times yet still don't know the way, you ask? Sigh...I've been asked this question too a thousand times. With a disbelieving look, mind you.

The truth is, I don't know! And don't you dare give me a compass and a map, it does nothing for me! Arghhh...The same disaster struck me here in Sarawak. Do you know that maximum distance of the place I planned to go were 5km tops? And still I got lost. God... Yesterday I tried to get to a laundry shop which 'should' be about 1km away from the hotel I'm staying in. And took me 1 hour. A freaking hour! Please help me. I am out of excuses for myself...

I don't know whether some of you  may find this funny ( yes I see you trying to hide your smile while reading this),  but it's not! *Sigh

Anywayyy.... One of the reasons was I was a very good kid. Ehehehe kasik angkat sikit. I had no adventurous side to me. I was that girl that was comfortable with a good book, always doing what I was told to do. How I loved books. I liked the smell of old books especially the ones that you find from old bookshops. I was happy to sit in any corner and got absorbed reading and reading. Nay I was no geek, I had friends, we hanged out but when I get home, I would turn to books. I started reading readers digest when I was 9, started to copy jokes and put it up in my notebooks and refer to it whenever I was free. It was all it took to make my day. So adventure was not a friend of mine.  How's that for justifying myself for getting lost so many times? :-))) 

Oh well, I really tried. I really did. But sorry we don't have any chemistry Mr Compass...:-(

Korean fever

The last time I was this hooked up on a drama was way back in my uni days when I was hooked up on Japanese dramas. With Takuya Kimura as the lead star of course. 

I remember I would lock myself in my room, coming out only for meals, trying to finish up 16 episodes of dramas which would take about 3 days to finish. Yes, it was that bad. But oh so worth it... I was young, and naive (still is at times) and I thought the world was filled with love all around...Ehehehe... Reality check Ina...

But the dramas were not only about love. It was about spirit to live, to understand that some things are not always as they seem. To have the strength to go on although there were nothing more to live for.
Call me naive, but it helped me somehow when I was at my lowest. The only things that was different was that not every man is handsome...LOL... And I definitely am no heroine. So go figure...:-)

This time, it's Korean dramas. The lead star u ask? Rain, of course. Damn he's good. Of the many dramas I have watched, his and Takuya's are the ones that can touch me, with deep messages. It's not easy to get touched with unrealistic dramas that don't make sense. It has to be smart enough yet deep enough to touch hearts. Then again, it can also be a matter of personal preferences, I guess. For instance, I don't watch violent movies and chaotic ones. My reason being that there's enough of violence and crime in real life  as it is to last all of our lifetimes...Love stories, well, the more the better right?

Again, it's just a matter of personal opinion and preferences...Okay I'm off to another drama journey...See ya...Saranghabnida! :-))))

 * It runs in the family too...At least the ones with small eyes like me...Haipp u there, is that a smile I see...? Sepet pun sepetlah...:-)


If only I can turn back time...

After stitches done...
You know when some things that you know will happen and yet you think may never happen to you yet? For example, u know your husband will die someday but you always think it may not be now? But it did. And when you think you will never make the dreaded mistake of hurting your child but you did? Or when you think that you will  never get into an accident, but you did?

This time, it was a mistake that I will forever remember and I take full responsibility of. Up till now, my hands are still shaking and my eyes well up every time I remember how it happened. The fact that it took me this long to write this note up speak volumes. It was not just any mistake, it was THE mistake. A mistake which resulted into Hazel into having stitches and scars on her face!

Oh how I wish I can rewind that day! There are no words that can describe my anguish at seeing my 2 year old cry her heart out while being stitched up and the how I wished I was the one that was hurt. A hurt that I, her mother, inflicted upon her. It hurt more that being hurt.

How it happened? Of course, the million dollar question. Some even asked with disbelieve how such incidences are even possible. Oh well, a mistake is a mistake. I make no excuses for myself. What a birthday though...:-(

3 days after...
The truth, plain and simple, was that she fell. Fell right out of the baggage area of our car straight onto the tar road. Failing to see that she was leaning against the back door of our car because of the tint of the car and my absentmindedness at that time, I opened the trunk right up without thinking and saw 'something' or rather 'someone' flying out of the car! When I heard her cries, I realized to my horror that it was Hazel! Both of us crying, I drove with her on my lap straight to the nearest ER and waited for her to be tended to. Blood pouring down her forehead, tears streaming, voice screaming. God...How I wish I could turn back time.

It was my mistake through and through. Now I know some of you would say mistakes happen. But I just cannot bring myself to forgive myself, for now at least. The irony is that, she isn't the active one, she never was. But Asyraaf has never had any such incidences happen on him before. Falls yes, stitches, never.  I have become complacent.

I am writing this down as part of trying to forgive myself, if I ever can, and for her to know that one day when she gets older, how sorry I am on what happened.

So now, whenever I open a door of the car, a peek is always a must before doing so. Sigh... If only I can turn back the time...If only life works that way...


Oh lala...Please don't kill me :-P

Hey yalll! Ahaha...Still alive no worries...But please don't kill me for the long overdue updates...again...

No, I did not go anywhere, overseas or under the sea. Was right here all along, have just been busy with other priorities in life. Have a pending post I have wanting to write...So tunggguuuu...:-)))


Not hot cekelat dehhh!

Well hello everyone...! :-))) I'm blogging live from Gua Musang, Kelantan. Have been here since Oct 24th...So it's been what, a week plus? Oh my, it was initially very hot during the day, and bloody cold at night. On top of that, we are given accommodations at Rumah Tumpangan Mei Hwa, I call it. Damn, can't the company get us a more decent place to stay with so many other choices, we got among the worst...:-( But I'll live as I always do, some have even taken the extreme measures of shifting to another hotel on a self-paying mode. I don't have that luxury, so Rumah Tumpangan Mei Hwa it is...LOL

Sweet... That was my first thought of Kelantan food. Almost everything is sweet, even the sambal tumis...! It has been quite a long week for some of us. Not only because of the food. But it seems that the culture of the food business is that everyone seems okay with the late service, no matter how long it takes for the food the reach the table.

Impatient KL people like us would sigh at the slow service and the wrongly taken orders by the waiter or waitresses. Mostly due to the language barrier, we usually ended up with teh o when we order teh ais or as they call it here, teh beng. A kopitiam shop here is now well-known for its slow motion service. Funny but the locals do not seem to mind...:-)

I miss my hot chocolate...Huwaaa...As a colleague says it, can't wait to go back to civilisation...LOL. No offence Gua Musang folks, it's just that we are used to certain luxuries in life...be it small ones :-P

I did go around the town to learn and see new things...meet the people. The are actually quite friendly, though it takes me some time to figure what they are saying...LOL...

Meet us in www.oigalas.blogspot.com for more boring stuff on the by-election and campaigning...:-P



Has it really been a freaking year since I last blogged?? OMG... there goes the question of whether being a mother of 2 is time consuming.... Ngeheee...

What happened since I last blogged? Guess what...EVERYTHING...LOL....Gosh I don't even know where to start!

* Talking to myself...Think Ina think...!!

Okay...here goes: 

1. The little one in the previous entries is now little no more... Hazel is now 1.5 years old...the quiet jewel of the family, as yet. Always overshadowed by the loudness of Asyraaf, she usually prefers to lay back and watch...And follow of course, to my dismay. So the series of the trouble twos has started. Sometimes driving me and Munir the brink of madness...

2. This entry comes live from PWTC...I'm here for the online coverage of Umno General Assembly...my, it sure is different being on the other side of the bench. Though it might sound corny, it was kinda cool actually being here. And the media pass can get u anywhere! 

As a side note, I got to see some of the UMNO leaders when I was lurking around to get decent pics and coverage for the NSTlive this morning. Food is good, wifi access not bad except for the intermitten signals once in a while, starbucks just across the street but the roads coming in sucks though.

It's my third day here today, am enjoying the new experiences of journalism with wide-eyed innocence... Hmmm...I think that will soon go away once I get used to it. I can see myself doing this for a long time... (I think, at this time I think I can do anything thanks to the adrenalin rush).  So that's it
for now guys...have some time on my hands,  I might blog some more...the operative word her is 'might'. :-) I hope I don't keep you waiting for the next year...LOL

3. We have finally bought a house in Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam, just a small mere terrace house to accommodate the four of us. We never thought we'd be able to afford one, looking at the current market prices of properties that skyrocketed to levels beyond comprehension. But alhamdulillah... Allah's blessings come in many ways... Just nice enough for us to share our lives with the people we love...

To be visited soon....:-)))

See you in the next post ya, will have more details in the next entries... daaaa....enjoying my hot choc courtesy of Kak Fauziah...:-)


Oh well… What do I know…


One of the main reasons I ‘jumped’ into a different field about a year plus ago was my passion for writing. I have always had English as one of my easiest subjects to score during my schooling years.

Blogging started just after Arwah passed away, and carried on until now, although I am sometimes pressed for time, I always have this place called a blog to write about things about my life, things that I go through and things that matter to me.

And of the things that I have always regretted was not being able to be a frequent blogger. And by frequent I mean, a blogger that blogs almost everyday, provide updates often to make readers to come back for more. Working at the same time, can be a bugger to writing since it’s not my primary source of income.

I have been told by a friend to start writing.It is actuall y a dream come true, really. But yet, I hesitate…

Now, if I were to blog on a personal blog, it is okay to make mistakes, and even write about things that’s trivial to many, yet, what the heck, it’s my blog…:-) But writing as in writing for a bigger audience such as the newspaper readers…that thought alone is enough to make me shiver…LOL…And being in the publishing industry, I feel like anchovies in the sea of jaws…so to speak…

But Whatever it is, I will definitely give it a try. And I hope, it’s good enough :-) I really do. In layman’s term, I hope I don’t screw up big time…haha

So friends, share your thoughts on my writing, constructive criticism if you can… in short actually I’m trying to find the nudge that I need to have, as a friend keeps saying…”START WRITING!…” LOL…Man, that guy never gives up! I hope I’m worth his trouble though…:-)

So see ya guys around…and this time I will say… look out for me in print sometime next year ya? Next year is a loooonngg time to go….(Stalling) LOL…


Signing off…


That’s life…

open house

Last weekend, a friend of mine, Meque, had an open house at her home in Putra Heights. She was a friend of mine in high school, and  coincidentally, her husband is a friend of my husband’s. So we made the time to go meet some old friends…
When we arrived, I saw some friends that I have not seen since school years, some as far back as form 4.(I changed school at F5). Some with kids, some in-progress getting kids, some about to get married.
What triggered my mind was…how we have changed. There was an aura of…maturity to a certain degree. Many of us, I believe, although I may not know ALL of their life stories, have been through life’s hardship at some point of their life. I could see it in their faces, the unwritten pain, and the hidden sorrows.
Along the way after school years and now, there was a lot of gatherings and reunions. Some did not make it, some did not want to make it…me included. But it was all justifiable I think. We all have our reasons.
Having been through a rough patch in my life, and at one point, having nothing in my life, gatherings and such was never a thing I wanted to go to. The fact is, I wasn’t happy at that time. And gatherings are happy occasions I think. I applaud those who are going through rainy days, yet still managed to make it. It takes courage. I definitely didn’t have it.  To plaster a smile on your face when your heart is not feeling it.
IT IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE. And It’s always easier to judge than to be in that person’s shoes.
But one thing that needs to be said, EVERYBODY has their own drawbacks, no matter how happy they look or how ‘perfect’ they seemed. But it’s not always said. The unsaid is usually more painful that how it looks. So no matter how ’inferior’ you feel, know that the grass is not always green in other peoples’ lives too. That’s life…
So to my friends, I enjoyed seeing you guys, although in school we were never  that close as friends, but we’re not in high school anymore are we…? :-) Life has thought all of us many things, but for me, life’s too short to harbor old grudges or anything else from the past. I, for one, know that for a fact.
Enjoy our lives as adults and mature individuals… enjoy it while it lasts. Be it good or bad, it’s still experiences that are worth going through.
C you guys next week…! ;-D