How time flies...

I often wonder, how long will it take me to realize that every minute is precious? I haven't blogged for a very long time, partly because other priorities have surfaced and let's face it, when you barely have the energy to keep your eyes open, the last thing that comes to mind is to blog :-P

Asyraaf is now 5 years old and Hazel is going to be 3 this coming April. How time flies. The last time I checked, they were both just babies. Yeah, I know, it sounds cliche but hey, gimme a break, that's what moms always say, so I'm going to follow suit, what the heck... :-D

Asyraaf is now in kindergarten, Hazel is yet to go to one, since she has a different disposition altogether than Asyraaf and I'm afraid the ants will bite her at school. Haha... She's what my father usually calls her " The delicate lady'... You'll understand when you meet her...:-)

Both are alive, healthy and well and I'm thankful to Allah for that, Alhamdulillah. I try to make them happy whenever I can between the juggling of my work and manning the family since hubby is no longer around. Breaks my heart sometimes to hear them ask "Where ayah? Work lagi ke?" since it's a very loonggg work time, 2-3 months at times. We try to make  it a point to visit once every month if we can. So far I'm coping, and so are they. Initially it was tough, but we get by. I'm lucky since my parents and Munir's are always around to help out if I need help. 

I'm always out of energy *duuhh... from everything that goes on around me, and it does not help when you have to answer " Ibu, where is God staying, is it behind the clouds?" when I'm trying to drive and finding my way around KL  (you know how bad I am with maps and directions) :-D

But I am so so thankful I have them. Such pretty, innocent faces that can drive you nuts and melt your heart all at the same time...Oh well,  I hope they stay this adorable forever and I stay the same age forever. Hah... dream on...lol...

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